This is a new venture of my shop, and I am afraid is available only to locals. I am now selling high end, fine quality birthday, anniversary, and (small) wedding cakes. I don’t have a lot of variety yet, but here are a few pictures of what I have done. Leave a comment if you are interested! I am happy to do different flavors etc. and I hope to have more variety up soon.

This is by far my most popular cake- I call it “Raspberries and Roses” and includes four decadent layers of chocolate cake, frosted with a whipped ganache icing, decorated with piped raspberry flavored meringue rosettes and topped with individually filled truffle raspberries. It’s a show stopper.




Oh, and I can also make it with cupcakes.



Here is a variation of the first cake- the main difference being the roses which are varying shades of chocolate icing in place of the raspberry flavored ones.



Lemon Blackberry Cake-

Three or four layers of lemon chiffon cake, slathered inside with lemon curd and fresh blackberries and frosted with a lemony vanilla buttercream and blackberry garnish.


Strawberry Shortcake Cake-

Three or four layers of rich vanilla sour cream cake, topped by a delightful strawberry and whipped cream concoction and frosted with whipped cream frosting.  Chocolate drizzled strawberries crown it all.


This is the only picture I have of two more- another raspberry variation and a simple, but fabulously tasty salted caramel chocolate cake.


Chocolate mocha fudge cake with Irish Cream Swiss Meringue

Three layers of coffee flavored chocolate cake slathered with Irish Cream spiked swiss meringue buttercream(this may be my favorite frosting ever) topped with an ooey gooey ganache glaze and garnished with chocolate covered espresso beans!






2 thoughts on “Cakes!

  1. I am excited viewing your website. Talented is one thought. Yummy cakes., I want now cake and coffee deep roasted beans., preferable Starbucks. ☕️
    Oh, I am getting so worked up😛 I can’t stand it.
    Love your site. Wish I could write like you. D

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