After pontificating on the topic of originality yesterday, I thought I would post a couple of new items. I am not a designer- most of my stuff has come directly from Natalie Chanin’s books, just sized down a few notches. But I branched out a bit here, and even started a sketchbook of design ideas.

The first dress was an attempt to imitate the nodding poppies in my front yard. Pardon my dark photos- it has been an exceptionally gloomy summer around here.


I made up a stencil, which I might show you how to do sometime- it’s easier than it sounds. I traced it on my fabric, and outlined the poppy using a couching technique. Couching is simply outlining a picture with yarn or in this case, thin strips of cotton jersey pulled into ropes. Jersey is pretty cool stuff. Then I cut out the interior of the petals, revealing the white lining underneath. I am not sure I like the white. I kind of wish I had made the petals entirely red, but maybe next time. I like the cheerfulness of the colors at any rate.



My next design is a total departure from previous attempts. I thought I would go geometric this time, and stole an idea from some wall tiles I saw once. Inspiration is everywhere folks.



I really can’t decide if I like this one. I can say it is pretty unique. When I googled ‘quilted hexagon dress’ nothing came up. Ha. Perhaps for good reason. It is pretty funky, like something out of the sixties, and just so different from the others, although I like the colors.
You know when you look at something too long and it starts looking weird, or you read a word over and over and it begins to sound strange? That is how I feel about this dress. But I thought I would put it out there anyway. Any input, good or bad, would be welcome.


One thought on “Experiments

  1. I think geometric rules! Love that. You know the hexagon is so efficient a shape–why beehives are made from hexagonal cells. And they make a great tessellation. Tiles are so awesome too. So, I love that dress. Maybe you could make a cute little bee buzzing down to turn it that way? May be a little nerdy, but it floats my boat :0) Jenni

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