Black and White

A lot of people have told me that it would help my little business if I could find a way to model my clothes in some way. I have thought about ways I could do this, but chasing down babies and children of all different sizes and ages every time I finish an item and trying to do photo-shoots with an ipad camera is hardly feasible right now. They do sell children’s dress forms online, so I am saving my pennies for a few different sizes of those, and will just have to make do with what I have for now.

These next few items are actually an ensemble. They have taken me awhile because I am trying to design my own patterns, and getting the sizing right is tricky. I made it 18-24 month so I could use my son as a model. He wasn’t very happy with me, and began to start running every time I approached him with the measuring tape. They could be sold separately, but they are kind of fun together. I laid them out on a table to photograph at first.






Then I decided I really needed a model to see what it all looked like together. Just pretend you don’t know I only have sons around here, or perhaps imagine that I have a niece visiting from out of town….



Any thoughts? I really do appreciate input. I’m a rookie here.


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