Hares ‘n Horses

I like a little alliteration in my post titles, have you noticed? I’m not sure what the difference is between a rabbit and a hare, or a bunny for that matter. It doesn’t really matter with stuffed animals, right? I mean, it’s not like they are anatomically correct or anything. But I digress.

Here is my latest set of creations, up-cycled from the giant chest in my bedroom, filled with clothing from a previous era. You know, back in Nicky BC (before children). I am finally coming to grips with the fact that I will never be fitting into those clothes again, and I feel better about it, because they are being put to good use elsewhere. Like here-

These were once the most wonderfully soft beige pants, and now they are a wonderfully soft beige rabbit, for someone’s new granddaughter. Don’t you love the pink ears?

And I wondered how a little horse would look if I made him out of my brown wool tweed slacks from yesteryear.

I think he turned out pretty nice.

So then I thought I’d go really bold with a skinny waisted, red wool skirt that would’ve taken a miracle for me to zip up.

I’m a sucker for anything bright red, and am so glad I didn’t get rid of that skirt, ’cause I love it as a horse!

Here they are sizing each other up, comparing cuteness.

Which one wins? You be the judge.


4 thoughts on “Hares ‘n Horses

      • You are doing a good job. My first professional sewing job was to make toys and patterns from an artist’s sketch. This was before children and I got paid to sew, tear out and re-sew until it looked right. It was a fun job. I am also enjoying your recipes.

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