Following the trend

Business is slow folks.  Turns out Christmas is a busy time of year for shoppers!  Who knew?  And apparently the rest of the year is not so much. Hah!  Sarcasm aside, I was well aware that business would be much better around Christmas, and I am not entirely sorry to have a break from the rush. (I do miss the money though).

I have been enjoying myself, taking time to look at other options for my shop, and even to start sewing a bit for my daughter.  My Daughter! Have you figured out I am excited about that prospect yet?  I hope to show you my first project for her soon, but I have also been spending a lot of time on Pinterest, searching for inspiration. Animals, birds, dolls, you name it.  But one thing has come up consistently in all of my searches.


I know owls have been trending over the past few years, thanks to Harry Potter and other owl inspired films, but I haven’t really gotten into them much myself.  Truth be told, owls have always kind of creeped me out a bit with their big, unblinking eyes, and their often angry stares.  My first introduction to owls was in fourth grade, when we studied their habits and then had to dissect an owl pellet. You know, those furry balls of undigested rodent bones that they regurgitate onto the forest floor?  We got to tear one apart and try to reassemble various skeletons found therein.  I remember the boys in the class having a blast.  Me, not so much.

The only time I have ever encountered an owl out in nature was at a summer family reunion.  We were staying at a lodge, high up in the mountains of Washington state. I was out on a walk by myself one moonless night, getting a good look at the incredible stars.  And as I was staring straight above me, a huge owl- wings outspread, bright white against the night sky- silently glided over me.  I looked into it’s big round eyes, and I was glad I wasn’t an unsuspecting rodent.  It really was beautiful- even awe-inspiring, but it spooked me out too.  I ran back inside.

All that to say- owls haven’t been high on my list of cutesy stuffed animals to make, but I finally figured I might as well make what people are buying.  I altered a pattern that seemed realistic in shape, but fanciful in design.  A whimsical owl, if you will.



I made the body from nice, soft brown and white velvet, and then decided that I would forego feathers and stencil a fun design on the wings instead.  I mean, why not?


I tried to make the eyes a little more friendly as well.


Here is a closeup of its little wire feet.  I wrapped them in cotton, so they would be a little softer.


And here is a view of the ‘tail feathers’.


I really did have fun with this prototype, and I even think it’s a little cute! There are an infinite variety of things I could do with this basic pattern, and I might try one with feathers next if there is any interest.

I may have joined the trend a little late, but it never hurts to try!


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