Best Laid Plans

So this is just a quick update on our status, for all those who have been wondering if we are moved or not etc.  Short answer-we have not quite made the final move yet, and I’m reticent to say exactly when that is going to be since every day has thrown a wrench (or seven) into the works, gumming things up and generally slowing us down.  As I wrote last time, we finally got the trailer onto the property, but it turns out the trailer needed a few things done.  Nothing we can’t fix of course, but throw in a very capable hubby who is very capably working on many other houses, and things slow down even further.

It’s been a little bit comic, really.  The first thing that had to be done was to get some water hooked up to the house.  It’s amazing what you can’t do without water- something I discovered working over there for two days without it.  Let me tell you- a pack of baby wipes will only go so far.

The hubby finally got someone to turn it on, but of course, with all the cold weather we have had, one of the main pipes had burst under the house, and water was flowing where it should not have been flowing.  So we had to get that fixed.  Once it was fixed, we were able to function a little bit better (ie, a working toilet.) But there was already psychological damage done due to the lack of it on those days we had been there.  My four year old, who has always been rather particular about where he does his business, had a few traumatic incidents in our yard.  Again I say, a pack of baby wipes will only go so far.  But then, when we finally had the toilet functioning, he was terrified to use it because “dere was webs everywhere.”  We are working on knocking down the webs, folks, but he still refuses to use it, and had reverted back to where we were when we started potty training 18 months ago.  These are unforeseen hurdles.

Then there was the trailer, that needed some good cleaning and also a hole in the floor that needed fixing.  The electrical was a lot more work than I imagined to hook up, and once we finally got it hooked up, the refrigerator refused to work.  I am prepared, in theory at least, to live without a water heater, but I just feel like a fridge is one of those necessities. Perhaps I am being a wimp.  After all, Ma Ingalls lived without one.  But she had a cow to keep fresh milk in.

Then there have been all the normal moving hiccups- the inevitable realization that we have way more stuff than I thought.  Doing some serious purging- cleaning out all the stuff that has been in storage for years, (and finding several rodent carcasses amongst our treasures), fighting my boys tooth and nail for every moldy old toy that I wanted to send to the burn barrel and trying to keep the baby from filling her belly with foam insulation.  (thankfully my sister solved that problem by taking her off my hands for several days).

Then there is the emotional struggle that seems to make focusing impossible.  I really can’t wait to be finally moved over there, because this living in limbo between two houses is making me crazy.  But there is a sub-conscious part of me that is trying to hold onto the ‘comforts’ of our tiny house- my full sized fridge, freezer and stove, all my other appliances, my shower, and of course the internet, to distract me from what I should be doing. It doesn’t help that this is an abnormally busy season anyways.

“What did you say?  Did you say Easter was this week? But doesn’t that include holy week services and extra music and egg hunts and feasts? Shouldn’t we all have some nice new Easter clothes to wear? Shouldn’t I be making some fancy lemon desserts and roasting a lamb or something?   And wait, did you say it was my second born’s birthday today? But I didn’t even remember to wish him a happy day until lunch time, let alone have a gift ready for him.  And this weather.  Is it going to be cold or hot?  It’s dropping forty degrees tonight? But I already packed all the coats and sweaters, darn it.  And where on earth are the summer clothes?  My kid is wearing a black turtleneck and snow pants and its 80 degrees outside.”

So all in all, I think for sanity’s sake, we are going to stick to our little house through Easter Sunday.  I’d like to say for sure that we will be moved by Monday, but who am I kidding.  Tornado season is upon us, and you better believe I have my eye on the weather channel.  Because from what I have heard, tornadoes and trailers don’t mix.

At any rate, thanks for keeping up with our crazy adventure.  I hope to be able to post something more exciting soon, like progress on the actual house.  And thanks again for the donations that have continued to come in.  Every little bit helps, and there are a lot of little bits that need doing.  So thank you, thank you, thank you.


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