It’s so fun, naming dolls. I haven’t really done it in the past, figuring that most people like to name their own dolls. But there’s something about these sculpted waldorf dolls. Something about all the labor that goes into them- the starting with a simple wool sphere and somehow sculpting a face out of it with no pattern. It makes the creative process seem, well, more creative! Each face slowly emerges under your fingertips and is so individual, you just have to name it!

I chose the name Marta because it reminds me of things soft and sweet and loveable and this girl is just that- all pinks and pastels and it brown eyes and soft, fluffy clothing. I’m just gonna leave a photo dump here and you can let me know what you think!

She’s on my shop now!


One thought on “Marta!

  1. Marta is the perfect name for her. I agree about naming them – their new owner can always change the name and a few of the dolls I’ve made have had name changes – but sweetly they always tell me! My new doll is African, I’ve been using a little girl’s picture I found on Pintrest. I’m trying to find her name or exactly which country in Africa she comes from to name the doll.but no luck yet
    Susie x

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