La Cuisine

I am still not sure what this blog is going to turn into, but I don’t think I want to focus exclusively on sewing, since my life doesn’t focus exclusively on sewing. I mean, apart from my stitching, I am a mom, I homeschool my kids, I love to cook, and occasionally I sing. I might blog a bit about all those things. Let’s just say this will not be a blog about organization and keeping things clean…..

Blogging about food is an intimidating thing. There are some serious foodies out there publishing whole books about just food photography. And there are so many cooking blogs doing a better job than I would, so perhaps I will just tell you a little story about one of our favorite breakfasts. The aebleskiver.

And what is an aebleskiver, you ask? It’s a glorified pancake really, with Danish origins. I have a cousin who is half Danish, and she taught me to make them when I went to visit her many moons ago. (In California, not Denmark!)  I don’t even know how to pronounce it, but around here we just call them bouncy ball pancakes. I must admit they have occasionally been used as such. Have I mentioned I have boys?

I still have the recipe my cousin gave me, scrawled in this crusty, food stained notebook.


This notebook has been with me for a long time.  I created it to bring with me to France  in ’98, when I studied abroad with a couple of friends. I put in it all my favorite recipes, since I knew we would be doing a lot of our own cooking.

It cracks me up for two reasons. First- did I ever actually consider packing my mom’s cast iron aebleskiver skillet in my luggage? And second- why on earth did I bother bringing my piddly little book of recipes when I knew I was traveling to the cuisine capital of the world? If I had been thinking at all, I would have spent every spare minute picking the brains of the French people surrounding me for their own recipes. Thankfully, I ended up bringing a Frenchman home with me, so I have been able to pick his brain ever since.

 I never did make Aebleskivers in France, but we make them all the time now.




Sometimes I put berries in the middle.  This morning it was chocolate chips.


Flipping them is the tricky part. My cousin flips them the traditional way- with a knitting needle.

I am no knitter, so I use a fondue skewer.


I don’t know the Danish word for voila, but anyways, this is the only way I get a few minutes of silence in my house of a morning.


Happy Saturday!