Just a lovely girl

I don’t have a lot to say about this little dolly. There are some dolls that seem to fight me during their creation. They insist that I redo their eyes several times. Their mouth seems to be off center or their eyebrows simply refuse to line up. But this girl came into being without much fuss, – just quietly, without much ado. Her eyes didn’t cross, she had a good hair day from the first and her sweet, lacy clothing fit to a tee.

All she seemed to ask of me is to acknowledge how pretty she was and to please find her a home here. ☺️


Variety is the spice of life

Well, I’m pretty excited to share this next set of dolls with y’all. I just had so much fun with them. I am leaning more and more towards focusing entirely on doll making at this point since there seems to be a lot more interest there than in the clothing. It’s actually less stressful as well, since I don’t have to worry about sizing or finding models- hah.
If I can find the time, I also want to purchase my own blog domain and change it to Climbing Vine Creations or something like that. And I would like to set up some pages on my shop or facebook for custom designing your own doll or ordering extra clothing. But one step at a time, and time is something I seem to be short on most days.
Well, without further ado, I’d like to introduce three new young ladies. Anyone want to name them?


I have had a few people express interest in dolls of different ethnicities, so these are my prototypes, if you will.

I went with lots of rainbow-y colors for this girl.



And this one just needed a red dress- there was no other color that would have worked.



And for this one, well, I thought it was time for a nice sunny yellow dress, with plenty of ruffles thrown in for good measure.



Here they all are, having a good time and letting their hair down.

I have had a lot of fun figuring out how to make their hair, by the way. I like it better than yarn because it won’t unravel or get frizzy, and you can style it in so many ways. I have always liked doing doll hair which is why I am sticking to long hair at this point. And maybe I’m still recovering from my childhood when we got imitation Cabbage Patch dolls for Christmas one year and mine was the one with the short brown hair I couldn’t do anything with. But I loved her anyways and never let her see when I would sneak off to braid the long blond hair on my sister’s doll.

So long hair it is, unless someone would like me to try a cute little bob or something.

Aaaand one last group shot, just ’cause they like to show off their shoes.