Well this was a fun little project- a little more time consuming than usual, but fun nonetheless. Someone finally wanted to buy my little blue paisley tunic/ dress- the dress that got this whole thing started.
Actually, she wasn’t the first one interested. The whole international side of etsy has been an adventure. I had one lady trying to purchase the blue dress, but English was obviously not her first language. We went emailing back and forth, trying to figure out just exactly what she wanted. I couldn’t figure out what size her baby was, and asked her as many ways as I could think, until she finally made it clear that she wanted me to make it in an adult size for her! I thought about doing it, since I hate turning down an order, but decided it would be too complicated and time consuming at this juncture.
So when someone else asked me for the dress (in a baby size) and to make a matching one for a doll, I thought I might be able to handle that a little better. She even ordered two, so I did one in nice plummy purple as well.




I also wanted to thank all of you who have supported me in this little enterprise, either by purchasing something, sharing me on facebook or telling your friends. We are well on our way to getting our Christmas tickets and I think we will make the rest easily, so thank you! I am going to keep taking Christmas orders ’til the end of November unless it gets too crazy before then. I’ll let you know.
God bless!

Dolly’s closet

Several of you have asked if I sell extra dresses for my dolls, so as to provide a change of clothing. I just posted several doll dresses on my shop. Most of them are dresses you have already seen, but here are a few new ones. I am trying to branch out a bit, you know, away from dresses and into something totally different, like skirts and blouses…


Or sweet little pink, school girl jumpers.

I just posted this little lady on my shop as well. I think she’s pretty cute.




So there we are. Again, feel free to request any style of dress in a different color. I’m hoping to start in on hats and jackets for the upcoming winter.


This dressmaking thing is full of surprises. I made that doll last week just for fun and because I had some scraps. Lo and behold, I have had more interest in that than all of my dresses. I haven’t sold one yet, but there have been questions about it, and a few strangers even found my Etsy page because of that doll. Etsy is a big old place folks, and getting noticed is umm, challenging. So anything I can do to generate interest seems worth pursuing.
Thus I have been thinking about doll making a bit more, and am playing around with some ideas.

There are a million and one styles of doll out there, some really cute, and some downright terrifying. Some are chubby and cuddly, others are like stick figures with dresses. This one is kind of in between. I made up the pattern as I went, and made a wire frame underneath so that she would be posable and not so floppy. Getting the proportions right was tricky, and making a doll face that isn’t scary looking can be a real challenge. I also had a hard time with the hair. I want to stick with using just upcycled cotton jersey, but there was no information on doll hair made out of jersey. So I just winged it. This is the result.




I made her hair extra long so you can braid it or put it up in a bun, like this-



So there she is. This is a first draft, so I would love some input!