Working on a wardrobe

So fashion has never really been my thing. I’m really bad at keeping up with the latest trends, and even worse at actually going shopping to buy them. If you have followed this blog at all, you know that I prefer to make my own clothes, both because I enjoy it and because it is harder and harder for me to find things that will work with my constantly evolving body shape. And when I find a pattern I like, or that works, I usually make it and wear it, whether it’s in style or not.
All that to say, even though I’m not particularly good at dressing myself, I have been looking forward for a long time to dressing my baby girl. But having been inundated with baby clothes before she was even born, I haven’t really needed to get or make her anything yet.

However, I was cleaning out her 0-3 month clothes the other day (sniff) and I realized she has next to nothing for this winter. Her closet is full of little white and pink cotton summer dresses that she is quickly outgrowing, but there is hardly a long sleeve to be seen. So I thought it would be fun make her a little fall/winter wardrobe.

I started a pinterest page for baby girl clothing as soon as I found out I was having a girl, and have been slowly adding to it since. One of the things I love about pinterest is that, even if you can’t easily say what styles you like off the top of your head, it’s easy to tell by a quick glance at your pins.
Scrolling down through her page, it was quickly evident what styles appeal to me. Apparently I’m not a big fan of ruffles and frills, but tend to prefer simple straight lines and pleats- and more vintage styles. I like either subdued grays and neutrals, or jewel tones. I like buttons and peter pan collars. And I like wools, velvets and plaids.










Oh. Also boots.



And hats. I really like hats.



Seeing as 3-6 month clothing doesn’t take much in the way of fabric, I figured it was time I upcycle some of my old things, and thus avoid too many trips to the fabric store. I can’t trust myself near fabric stores.
So I pulled out some of my favorite old wool skirts from college days. There is little hope that I will ever fit into them again, but I hate to throw them away. I mean, I was wearing that blue and green plaid when I visited the Louvre for the first time! There are memories in it!

I also have a lot of other clothes and fabric stockpiled for my shop that I might have some fun with- lots of autumn-hued velvets and wools.

And I don’t have a lot of little girl patterns, but I usually just fall back on these vintage ones as a guide, and make alterations as I go.

So now that I feel inspired, all I need to do is find some time! If I actually succeed with any of these ideas, I’ll let you know. What are your little girls wearing this fall?


Odds and Ends

Well, the blog has been slipping out of focus these past few weeks as that all important day finally comes into view. For so long, I have felt like there is no end in sight to this pregnancy. But then, at the grocery store yesterday, I grabbed a gallon of milk and noticed with great joy that the expiration date stamped on it was my due date! It’s really coming folks! And none too soon. It’s getting hot down here and I could stand to lose some excess weight.

Anyways, I’ve been putting my feet up quite a bit lately, but I haven’t quite forgotten about sewing. There were a couple things I needed to finish up for Caroline, and one last doll order that I figured would be easier to complete before the new baby arrived.

I had been looking around at new diaper bags, determined not to settle for the cheap plastic one they give you at the hospital, like I did for my boys. But I had a really hard time finding one I liked that was affordable. I figured it would be worth trying to make one, since I still had plenty of the sturdy fabric I used for the armoire leftover. I found several patterns I liked on pinterest, but in the end, pieced one together from a few different ideas. I wanted a nice big one, and this is what I came up with.

I pleated it to make it extra roomy, and gave it a nice long strap so it can go across my body

I also lined it with fabric from an old linen skirt, just for a contrast with the floral pattern. Then I accented the edges with purple bias tape, and had a bit of fun with one of the decorative stitches on my machine that I hardly ever use.

On the inside, I just put two side pockets, for bottles and what not.

And I put a sturdy piece of cardboard on the bottom, so that it would stand upright when full.

I just happened to have that big old turquoise button lying around to cover up the ugly magnetic snap closure I used for fastening.
I think it will work! And it cost me about five bucks.

I also had great plans to make a whole bunch of clothes for her, but the more clothes that kept pouring in from other people, the less I felt the need. One thing I did want to make however, was a little outfit to bring her home in. It’s always a bit of a struggle, getting those little onesies over a newborn head and wrestling their curled up arms into the sleeves. Then I remembered I had had a few baby kimonos for the boys and really liked them, so I made one for my girl.

There are a whole bunch of free patterns online, and you can either use snaps as closures, or little ties. I went for snaps here, with cotton jersey fabric and a bit of Alabama Chanin technique.

And I couldn’t resist just a little bit of embellishment. I also made the sleeves extra long, to cover her hands and keep her from scratching her face if need be.

The pants were super simple as well- nice and stretchy with a draw string waist.

That’s probably the last of the sewing I will do for her for now.

And just for fun, another doll, for a friend’s daughter. She asked for something pink and girly, maybe with flowers involved. I got some inspiration from the peonies my hubby bought me for my birthday last week. (These aren’t them, but they looked like this.)

Blond hair with blue eyes seems to be the popular choice lately.

I added some little blue flowers at the waist, just so the pink wouldn’t be too overwhelming.

Hopefully, she is pink and girly enough!

Pink has never been a favorite color with me, but I think I am getting used to it. And just in time! Who knows what I might post next!