Rainbow Ruffles

So my “niece” came to visit again today, and was so obliging as to model a few new items for me. I have been working on making some more basic articles that I can whip up quickly, so my etsy shop won’t look so sparse. I would like to do more made to order items as well. For instance, I might try to do a page of items like plain shirts, skirts or jackets and then display the colors and sizes I could make them in. And as I was picking out colors, I just loved the rainbow effect I was seeing, so I came up with a skirt that would match just about any shirt.

This is the tank top pattern I have been tweaking. This is a size 2-3 T. I only made it in purple and turquoise, but have a ton of other big shirts in different colors waiting to be repurposed.




The skirt was really fun to make. The ruffles are two strips of different hues, twisted together and sewn down with a basic running stitch. It reminds me of the Rainbow Bright doll my sister used to have. Did anyone else have one of those? My sister even had the unicorn doll to go with it. I may or may not have been a little jealous.






At any rate, there you go. Once again, feedback is always welcome!


5 thoughts on “Rainbow Ruffles

  1. I love the rainbow skirt! You can have your real nieces model for you in October if you have any 6 month or 3-4T stuff that needs modeling :).

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