Bunnies and boxes

As soon as I finished my first bunny order I got another one, but I was out of grey cotton. So I went for a nice chocolatey brown rabbit with a pink ribbon since it is for someone’s niece.

Here they are, looking inquisitive.


I can’t decide which I like better.


Here’s a few close ups of brownie, including a back view so you can see her cute little tail.



I finally found a box that I think will work for packaging. I found them on ebay, they are just the right size, and very reasonably priced. So yay! I am working on a design for the top of the box so it can look professional, like I know what I am doing here. I freehanded a few vine motifs with a basic alphabet stencil.

I love this stencil. My mom gave me a set of these stencils when I was eight. I think she won them as a door prize at a tupperware party or something, and they still work great! My kids use them all the time. Anywhoo…

Here’s the first attempt-


I thought it needed a little something, and then remembered the stencil I had designed for my original blog motif so I tried that.


I didn’t like the colors, and I wanted to have the lettering cover the entire box, so I went back to my original letters.


I think I like the last one best. Any opinions?

At any rate, I am finally able to start packing these guys up and shipping them off. Fun!



4 thoughts on “Bunnies and boxes

  1. Sooo cute! And I definitely like the last box best – it’s very clean looking with good color combos and looks the most like your blog header. I’m so impressed with all you’ve done, Nikki!

  2. I love the first box (always different aren’t I) but love the lettering on 1 and 3 best – so fun to have your own business – go girl go

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