A boy and his horse

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but I’ve been busy with other things. I hurried out to take these photos last week before I had to ship this little boy to far off Norway. I thought he might want a keepsake of his best friend, the horse.

I never intended for horse and boy to meet. The horse was supposed to be a solo item, but my own children immediately saw that the boy doll would fit nicely on the horse’s little green saddle. And so he does!

The poor horse was sorry to see his friend go, so I thought if I made him a little bridle, it might be easier for someone else to ride him.


And what do you know, a more cautious young lady was willing to give it a try so long as she had something to hold on too.

Whatever the case, with a rider or without, this little horse is a keeper.


Bunnies and boxes

As soon as I finished my first bunny order I got another one, but I was out of grey cotton. So I went for a nice chocolatey brown rabbit with a pink ribbon since it is for someone’s niece.

Here they are, looking inquisitive.


I can’t decide which I like better.


Here’s a few close ups of brownie, including a back view so you can see her cute little tail.



I finally found a box that I think will work for packaging. I found them on ebay, they are just the right size, and very reasonably priced. So yay! I am working on a design for the top of the box so it can look professional, like I know what I am doing here. I freehanded a few vine motifs with a basic alphabet stencil.

I love this stencil. My mom gave me a set of these stencils when I was eight. I think she won them as a door prize at a tupperware party or something, and they still work great! My kids use them all the time. Anywhoo…

Here’s the first attempt-


I thought it needed a little something, and then remembered the stencil I had designed for my original blog motif so I tried that.


I didn’t like the colors, and I wanted to have the lettering cover the entire box, so I went back to my original letters.


I think I like the last one best. Any opinions?

At any rate, I am finally able to start packing these guys up and shipping them off. Fun!


Bunny Love

Thought I would do a quick post on this since I just added it to my etsy shop. My sweet little nephew had some pretty scary surgery last week, so I thought I would take the opportunity to try my hand at stuffed animals and send him a little get well gift. I sent it in a box with cards from my boys. My oldest boy loves making cards, and he was intently working on some pictures, when he stopped to ask me a question.
“Hey mom, look. I drew a hospital bed, an oxygen mask and a stethoscope, but what else should I draw? Oh, I know. Should I draw a picture of a big knife?”
“Well son, maybe not a big knife. How ’bout we stick with some nice flowers or hearts or something.”

Anyways, thankfully the surgery went well and I liked how the gift turned out, so I am putting another one up for sale if anyone is interested.

Introducing the Cotton Jersey Rabbit.



He, or she I guess, is real soft and snuggly and stands about ten inches tall.