Birthday Doll!

I had so much fun with this custom order, that I thought I would share a few pics with y’all.  This was an order for a birthday girl, and she wanted an “ocean princess”.  Her stipulations were blue eyes, a friendly face, and extra long, Rapunzel-esque, blond hair.  She also wanted a dress in different hues of blue to represent the ocean.  I did my best.

DSCF1562 DSCF1563

I did a few things differently with this doll.  The biggest change was using bead work instead of plain stitching and buttons.  She is royalty after all.


And instead of plain ruffles, I scalloped the edges of the skirt layers, to give a more ‘wave like’ effect.


I also replaced the buttons on the shoes with tiny pearl beads.



Coming up with crown was also a lot of fun.  It makes me want to experiment more with beads.  They are a bit more time consuming, but I really like the effect.


And here is a back view of the extra long hair.  The extra length makes it easier to style in different ways.

DSCF1575 DSCF1576

So fun!

I’ve also been debating whether or not I should keep my shop open these next few months, with the new baby and all.  I think I will try to keep it open for now, since the orders have been so slow.  And we will just have to see how I handle a newborn and an Etsy shop!


One thought on “Birthday Doll!

  1. Oh Nicole, this is the best ever. You are channelling your daughter, i think :).
    We pray for a safe pregnancy and delivery!
    Love, julie huisman

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