Caroline’s Corner

Well, this was the last stage in my quest for baby space, and my last big project before this baby makes her appearance.  As I posted before,   I managed to find a little armoire for my girl, but I needed a place to put it, some clothing to fill it, and a crib of some kind.

After serving four boys, I had decided not to store all their old baby stuff, and so have been starting from scratch for this baby, as far as supplies go.

I made some lists of what I would need, measured and brainstormed, and finally decided to make this space Caroline’s corner.


Yes, it is in my room, and yes, that is my closet, full of stuff.  But where there’s a will, there’s a way.  I won’t show you all four corners of this room.   Steve’s cluttered and paper covered office, and the other closet aren’t really worth mentioning. Suffice it to say, we did a lot of reorganizing, filing, and tossing of stuff throughout the room to help make space.

This beautiful chest that the hubby made in college was just too big (and too prone to be covered in clutter) so I ended up rearranging the whole living room to make space for it in there.


Don’t you just love the chain reaction of reorganizing?

This needed to be done, however, because……


…look what I found under all the furniture!  Don’t look mom!  Ugghh!


I stole this much smaller chest from the boys room, dumped their train tracks, filled it with my fabric scraps, and decided that the top would be the perfect perch for a Moses basket, since I didn’t want to get a whole new bassinet.


So this corner is actually where she will be sleeping the first weeks of her life.


The Moses basket was a gift from the ladies at church.


Now it was time to tackle the closet. It had been way too long since I had taken an honest reckoning of the contents of my closet. I had to ask those difficult questions like, “when is the last time you wore this?” or “do you really think you will ever be able to fit into that again?”


I purged mercilessly and as a result, was easily able to fit my remaining clothing into the boys much bigger closet.  The shoes suffered a similar fate.  It was very liberating.


Then it was time for the closet doors (which have been half-way broken since we moved in) to be removed.  I cracked up when I realized there was still a last remaining piece of the old pink carpet in there, which used to cover all our lovely hardwood floors.  Pink carpet!  It was a sign.


Once everything was finally removed, I brought the armoire in. I had found another small shelving unit that would fit into the closet, which is currently housing all the unsold merchandise from my Etsy shop.  I thought Caroline might like the stuffed animals.

I had also hunted up the smallest pack and play/crib I could find online and thanks again to the ladies at church, was able to purchase it.   A few little decorative touches later and we were in business!

DSCF1607 DSCF1603 DSCF1605

It’s cozy, but I think it just might work for the time being.

And it has been awfully fun filling up the armoire.  As you can see, I am not too worried about coming up with clothes for her!

DSCF1611 DSCF1612

So that’s that!  Now I can put my swollen feet up and play the waiting game for the next few weeks.  Seeing that crib all ready makes me so impatient!

The Great, Small House Challenge

I don’t generally consider myself a whiner, but if there is one thing that makes me sigh and wish for better things, it is the size of my house.  At 1000 square feet, two bedrooms and one bath for six people, it is just too small.  I know I am not alone in feeling this.  Pinterest knows I am not alone in this.  Ikea knows I am not alone in this.  I hardly know anyone who sighs and wishes their house was a little smaller.

On good days, I know there are advantages to the smallness.  Less to clean, less to maintain, less to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  “Remember the pioneers!” I say.  “Remember the sod houses and the one-room log cabins and the shanties on the prairie.  Remember it could be worse.”

Still, I can’t help those days when I want to scream if I bump into one more crowded corner or have one more box from an over-full closet fall on my head.  I get very tired of waking up from those dreams where I open a door I never noticed before and find a whole new wing to my house- empty, clean, uncluttered.   I try not to think about the other big, empty house we still own, waiting to be finished…. some day.

And now I have another baby on the way.  And she’s a girl.  And it may be frivolous, but I have this longing to create a sweet and pretty little space for her- a place I can call “the girl’s room”.  There would be flowers and ruffles involved.

I go through this cycle fairly frequently- wish, sigh, pity myself, then get sick of all that and do something about it.  I think I am done moaning now, so on to the challenge! I thought I would blog about it, just to help with motivation and keep myself on track and out of the slough of despond.  I have some time to complete this project since the baby will be in my room for a little while, but I am going to take advantage of that wonderful nesting instinct that tends to kick in about now and get started.

Here is what I am dealing with.  I am showing you the four corners of boys room in all it’s daily glory- unmade beds, unfolded laundry, a floor that needs vacuuming and general clutteriness.

Corner #1

The closet.  I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to reorganize this space.  I have been thinking of trying to fit a crib etc. in this space, but I have no idea where I would put everything else.


Corner #2- The homeschool corner

Yes, my boys have a piano in their room.  We used to have it in the living room, but it made everything so awkward and crowded that I moved it here, where it fits much better.  I think it is going to have to stay.  The top could use some rearranging, to say the least, and I am debating over the little white table and chairs.  The boys do most of their school in the kitchen anyways.


Corner #3

The bunk bed.  Thankfully all the boys still fit on this bed, and love sleeping together.  There is literally no other space I can fit it, so it will be staying where it is, but hopefully straightened up a bit.   Hah.


And last but not least, corner #4.

Currently we have a camping cot in this corner for extra sleeping space.  My sister left it here when she moved and the boys love sleeping on it, but it isn’t absolutely necessary (besides which, it is just plain ugly.)  We also have, as you can see, a deep freezer.  Again, there really isn’t anywhere else this could go, and I really need the extra freezer space.  The boys room does tend to become my all purpose room as well- the basket on the floor is some of my extra sewing stuff.


So there you have it.  Is it possible to find a space for my little girl, and a girly space at that?  Am I asking the impossible?  Perhaps.  But a girl’s gotta try.  Suggestions would be welcome!